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DIY Floating Spice Rack Pantry Organization

Easy DIY Floating Spice Rack for your pantry organization with NO TOOLS necessary! Read below to learn how to create this look and save even MORE space in your pantry! Scroll down to see links and download FREE labels for your pantry organization.

Spice Jars with Labels in Pantry

My ultimate goal was to save space and get my pantry organized, but to be honest I never liked those wire over the door storage options. Since we tend to leave the door open often, I wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing....also pretty! I love a good minimal design, so I found these acrylic shelves and glass spice bottles that came with all the labels you would need and got to work for our DIY Floating Spice Rack!

Gorilla Double Sided Adhesive Tape
Add Heavy Duty Double Sided Adhesive Tape

I couldn't screw into the pantry door because most doors are hollow. Instead, I found Gorilla Tough and Clear Mounting Anti-Slip Tape. It's a double sided sticky tape that is heavy duty. It sticks to smooth and rough surfaces and can hold up to 15 pounds! It is very very strong, so once it sticks it isn't coming off which is perfect for this DIY spice rack, I didn't want anything falling out.

Black and White Kitchen Pantry Organization
Our View from the Kitchen

I weighed all the spices on the shelf and then calculated how much tape I needed to make sure it can hold up the weight and then some.

The shelves are very easy to put together! They include a tiny little level and dividers to keep things tidy. Once put together, I added several strips of the adhesive tape on the back of the shelves. After you cut several pieces of tape at 2" wide, peel back one side and smooth it down onto your shelf first.

Then peel off the backside that adheres to the wall, level and stick on your door. I suggest pressing it in a few times and wait 24 hours before adding your spice jars. Keep in mind, once it sticks, you cannot lift or re position it. So make sure it's as level as possible before adhering it to your door. Voila! I should add that the spice jars do come with a small funnel which makes it easier to transfer all the herbs and spices into your new jars.

When I posted this on instagram, many of you were concerned about the spice jars falling, especially with little ones opening and closing...err slamming the doors. That was my concern too, but after 6 months of having our floating spice rack I can assure you that they are not going anywhere!! We've had zero accidents and it has made our kitchen that much cooler! Now on to the rest of the pantry...



In addition to the spice racks, I updated my entire pantry with labels that I made from home! Being a graphic designer gives me the privilege to design how I want, but I don't like to gatekeep, so I am giving them to you for free! Below you can download pantry labels for FREE and use them for your pantry. Also here are LINKS to the exact bins and kitchen organization i used for my pantry that i highly recommend! Amazon and HomeGoods is where I bought everything including two tiered lazy susans, acrylic bins and more.

You will notice that most homes have these built in wire shelving which aren't very flattering or convenient. So i opted to add a MDF panel board from Lowes for $25 and cut it to size. It is a cheap temporary thing for me, but I've grown to really like it! The last finishing touches were the lighting! I went to Home Depot to score these battery and remote operated LED that are magnetic and removable. They are perfect!

I am in love with organization and plan to share all my tricks and tips right here so be sure you subscribe and follow me on instagram for all the latest updates! I hope this inspires you to stay organized!


Labels For The Pantry_SarahJayHome
Download PDF • 1.03MB

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